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We’re so excited you’ll be joining us for the World Premiere of this groundbreaking documentary series! You’ve just taken an important step toward harnessing some of the most exciting discoveries that brain science has to offer.

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The Better Brain Blueprint World Premiere Broadcast Schedule

The Better Brain Blueprint World Premiere Broadcast Schedule



Your Most Valuable Asset: Brain Health

Harness Your Brain’s Remarkable Power to Transform

Meet Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Sara Gottfried and 10+ more of our brain health and mental health experts as they discuss what’s possible when you harness the incredible power of your brain.



The Inner Workings of Your Brain

Discover How Your Most Valuable Asset Works

This episode features Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Uma Naidoo, Dr. Dale Bredesen and their colleagues as they cover key information on the different parts of your brain, how it works, and why this is so incredibly important for you.



How to Feed Your Brain

Optimize Your Diet to Build a Better Brain

Featuring 10 of our brain health experts including Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, and Dr. Casey Means, you’ll learn about how your diet forms the building blocks of your brain and why metabolic health is critical to brain wellness.



Secrets of the Gut-Brain Connection

Nourish Your Microbiome for Balanced Mental Health

Watch as Dr. Heather Moday, Dr. Uma Naidoo, Mark Burhenne and their colleagues reveal the ways your gut health can impact your brain health, and explain how you can harness this intimate relationship to build a better brain.



Sleep Smart, Think Smarter

Boost Your Brain Power with Restorative Sleep

Featuring Jim Kwik, Dr. Casey Means, and Dr. Audrey Wells, this episode will uncover why sleep is so essential for a high-functioning brain, the best ways to get great sleep every night so you can boost your brain power each day, and so much more.



Women’s and Men’s Brains: Key Differences

Discover How Hormones Impact Your Brain

Are women’s and men’s brains really all that different? The answer to this question may surprise you! Tune in for Episode 6 where our brain health experts uncover the mysteries behind the role that hormones like estrogen and testosterone play in brain health.



Your Brain on Fire

Reduce Inflammation to Boost Your Brain

In this episode, you’ll learn about inflammation and why it’s such a key part of the brain health puzzle. Our brain health experts will reveal the impact inflammation has on your memory, mood, and more. Then, they’ll give you some specific strategies you can use to help lower the impact inflammation has on your brain.



Your Brain in the Modern World

Protect Yourself From Harmful Toxins

Featuring 10 of the industry’s leading experts including Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Heather Sandison, this episode will uncover how your environment influences your brain each day, for better or worse. We’ll also give you some simple, practical strategies you can use to mitigate the risk of environmental toxins on your brain.



Tools for Inner Exploration

Discover Unexpected Ways to Unlock Your Brain

Now more than ever people need solutions for better mental health. In this episode, we will explore tools you can use to change your minds and change your brain with experts like Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Gregory Scott Brown, Dr. David Rabin, and more.

DAY 10


Decoding Dementia

Take Practical Steps to Help Prevent Brain Disease

With millions of people experiencing dementia each year, the fear of cognitive decline is a legitimate concern for so many. However, there are effective steps you can take to help prevent dementia, and in this episode our industry’s leading experts like Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Dale Bredesen, and Dr. Mark Hyman will explain how.

DAY 11


The New Science of Mental Wellness

Support Your Mental Health Everyday

Why are so many of us suffering from conditions like depression and anxiety? In this episode, our experts will reveal critical information about mental health that everyone should know, like who is most at risk for developing mental health disorders, how to determine if your anxiety is helpful or hurtful, and how to support your own mental health every day.

DAY 12


Brain Boosters & Busters

Learn What to Avoid and What to Enjoy

With so many supplements and substances out there, which ones are best and worst for your brain? In the final episode, you’ll hear from 10+ brain health experts as they reveal which substances and medications you should be cautious of, which supplements can help support your brain health, and so much more.

*This episode will also include a powerful message from Dr. Austin Perlmutter to conclude the entire series. Don’t miss it!

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